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Bettina Weiner
Feng Shui Consulant XKA®
was born in Vienna in 1965.
Having undergone a comprehensive training of arts and handicrafts, she has both a large knowledge of this domain and creative potential of which she is able to give proof in her job as decorator and interior designer.
In the early 1990s she came into touch with Chinese teachings for the first time. With serveral years of training in Munich she was able to broaden her horizons and enlarge her skills with traditional Xuan Kong feng shui.

Her goal is to combine the aesthetic modern requirements of the western world and the consorting and constitutional aspects of traditional feng shui. This is based on the idea of “living with all senses” – seeing, feeling and smelling are a fundamental part of a holistic sense of well-being. With the help of feng shui, this can be realised at a very high level.

In order to be able to provide the best individual consulting for each customer, Bettina Weiner uses BaZi Suanming / Chinese personality analysis and aromatherapy in addition.
Bettina Weiner offers Feng Shui consultations in Austria, Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses in Vienna and Burgenland.
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