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Classical Feng Shui helps creating a more attracting, more energetic and more harmonious garden. Thereby, the garden becomes an oasis of ease and power. The garden is the connection with nature and supplies a house with qi energy.

The San He system describes the landscape’s influence on a building’s energy, which can be affected positively by using plants and elements.

A garden consulting according to the rules of classical feng shui is about arranging the garden the best way possible. Spaces, paths and plants are arranged according to the quality of the qi flow. By placing water basins and courses the right way, both the garden’s energy and well-being is increased.

In cooperation with gardeners and landscape gardeners, we choose the ideal plants for the natural powers of the environment to unfold.

The price of a garden consulting amounts to € 450,- excluding VAT.
After inspection and expenditure.

„In a pretty garden, the grandeur of nature is ubiquitous...“
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