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Apartments and houses

Every human being is unique and so is every private consulting, which is individually adjusted to the requirements of each customer.
Feng shui creates a harmonious and supported environment, balances destructive factors, increases the positive energy of living spaces and activates and stabilises health. By placing furniture, objects, plants and drawings purposefully, a great effect can be attained which can be even more increased by the use of colours.

Criteria of the consulting:
  • Individuality, personal requests, wishes and problems of the client are the basis of each consulting.
  • Optimal room use by working with the existing energies.
  • Appealing furniture and decoration according to recent western requirements.
  • Choice of colours, which support the client.
  • Creation of an undisturbed and stress-free place to sleep for optimal regeneration.
  • Chinese personality analysis (BaZi Suan Ming) for individual adaption of all feng shui methods.
  • Temporal change of the qi’s quality.
  • Condition of the scenic environment.
If desired, interior and garden / patio design can be carried out as well – see garden consulting.
If possible, specific measures which concern details should be made every year as certain qualities of the qi, which affect our lives, are subject to temporal change.

The price of a private consulting amounts to € 700,- / excluding VAT.
After inspection and expenditure.

„Ein Raum muss nicht nur gut aussehen, sondern sich vor allem gut anfühlen“

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